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What Next?

As a potential client, the first thing we suggest is that you jot down some ideas. What are your current challenges, what do you want to achieve (new business, better relationship with clients, time saving, more referrals and so on...) and how could we help you?

We will listen to your aims and ideas and tell you how we can help.

If you like our ideas we can move to the next level and discuss detailed costings and media proposals. We'll always strive to work within your budgets and keep your objectives in mind at all times.

With corporate media, our aim is to help you build your business and we focus particularly on encouraging existing clients to do more business with you and on finding new business but if you have other priorities just let us know.

• To contact us you can get in touch with Louise Glover via the Contact Us link. You can also ring her on: 01895 672771. You can also contact Publisher Kevin O'Donnell on 01895 678629.