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Daily news Tweets

Financial Planner Online has launched daily news Tweets today to give users a constantly update news service and inform them about events and updates to Financial Planner magazine and Financial Planner Online.

Each day, Financial Planner Online adds half a dozen news stories of relevance to Financial Planners and wealth managers and the vast majority of these are being Tweeted via @FPM_Online as news alerts with links back to the original stories. Financial Planner Online is also Tweeting during major events such as the Budget and IFP Conferences and events.

The IFP itself has been an early adopter of Twitter and has over 1,400 followers. Financial Planner Online already has over 300 followers.

Twitter is a social media messaging service involving the send of short messages of 140 characters or less, broadcast to all "followers" simultaneously. It's a good tool to send messages to a wide group of people at one time and works a bit like texting a group.

Financial Planner Online will be adding to its Twitter services over the coming months. To learn more about using Twitter and other social media give us a call today.