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Need some media advice? Talk to us.

Many companies require help and advice with their media strategy or with other aspects of their communications, such as staff and client communications, marketing, producing a newsletter or magazine and many other topics. We can help.

Portfolio Publishing has a wealth of experience to offer and has already provided consultancy services to many clients on topics as diverse as training, media planning and even M&A opportunities. If you are a publisher, financial provider or simply a business looking for advice you can talk to us. We pride ourselves on our listening skills and we can help all types of business, large and small.

Our consultancy services start at surprisingly reasonable day rates to full project work and project management. We can run your research project for you if you want to know more about your clients and their reaction to your corporate media. Ultimately you may want us to then upgrade and enhance your media or you may choose to simply utilise our advice and do it yourself. The choice is yours.